Shop Temporarily Closed

Dear Valued Customers,
Please be informed that The Country Bike Shop in Celina, OH has been temporarily closed. We apologize for any inconvenience. We are always available by email: or you can call us at 419-584-0303 if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Dick Denning
Welcome to The Country Bike Shop

We are a specialty bike resource located in Celina, Ohio.Our specialty is the Rivendell bike, catering to recreational riders who want a bike they can ride for fitness, good health and fun; and want a comfortable bike that can take them just about anywhere, with the ease and efficiency of a road bike, but one that’s not limited to smooth, dry roads. It would be nice to have a bike versatile enough to be able to carry stuff too.

It sounds so basic, yet you’d be surprised how hard it is to find that kind of bike at most shops. The reason is because most high end bikes these days are made for racing. Even though bikes designed for racing have disadvantages...the industry and most bike shops, push riders towards what sells – and racing sells. Race bikes sell, even if only a fraction of better bikes are bought by riders who race.

We, in contrast, are a bike shop that sells the kind of bikes for every kind of riding a recreational rider will ever do …. except racing!  Almost all of the bikes we carry are Rivendell’s, and we sell a lot of them, designed by Rivendell’s Grant Petersen who named these practical and beautiful machines country bikes.

For the majority of bicyclists, the non-racers, we honestly believe a Rivendell country bike is the best bicycle value available today and we have the capability to properly fit any size rider. We invite you to delve into our site further if all this sounds intriguing. 

What Makes The Country Bike Shop So Different?

First: We carry fully lugged, lightweight steel, bikes by Rivendell Bicycle Works. No other bike shop this side of Rivendell's California location has as many Rivendell's on the floor and ready for test rides as we do.

Second: We offer a different "feel" toward cycling compared to the shops we've visited, where racing generally seems to be the dominant theme. We've often aback by the "lightweight and speed are all that matter" feel that most shops to seem to have.

We don't like riding bikes that carry excess weight and we often enjoy good fast rides. But the insanely lightweight frames with low spokes and wheels and tiny seatpacks with room for a cell phone and a walnut?. Riding is so much more fun than that. We like fitness and fun.

Our customers say our shop has a more pleasant "tone" and perhaps it's because we showcase great bikes that can be not just Quick, but Comfortable and versatile too.

Third: The process we go through with customers to help make sure they get the right bike with the right fit is exceptional. It's nearly a "custom bike" process.

Lastly: We're located - sort of - in the boonies. You have to come a ways to get to us. But our customers say our shop is worth the drive. We're a nice 2 - 4 hour drive from almost anywhere in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. Plus, we have fitted Rivendell's to customers from CT, GA, IL, KY, MA, MO, NY, PA, TN, TX, VA and Canada.

Move away from racing's influence and we thing you'll find a smarter side to riding that actually improves your enjoyment of cycling. You really cant' have a lifetime of better riding.
Here are five attributes that might make a Rivendell the perfect bike for you!

It's An All Day Bike:
It's an all-day bike that you can ride all day long in comfort because, by design, a country bike puts the handlebars at least as high as the saddle, higher if you prefer, to take the weight off of your hands, eliminating strain on your arms, neck and lower back.

Any Surface Will Do:
Road, path or trail, a country bike rolls over the miles. It's the tires-from 32 mm to 40 mm wide and with air pressures as low as 50 psi, so there is enough soft air to absorb road shocks and bumps way before they get a chance to get to you. If you've never ridden a light weight puffy tire you're in for a revelation that provides a dramatically more comfortable way to ride.

Any Ride or Task: 
Versatile enough for roads, paths, trails, commuting, light touring, running errands, just noodling around or quick club rides. That's a country bike.

Rain Or Shine: 
A country bike loves fenders. You might not enjoy getting caught in the rain but you'll tolerate it a lot better on a bike with fenders.

Thrilled About Hills? 
It's the country bike gearing that allows you to enjoy hills instead of dread them. A country bike has the gearing that is better for cyclist that don't race. If you don't race, the standard high gear you'll find on virtually on any stock bike will be to high. And the low gears won't be anywhere close to low enough if you hit the hills. Sensible gearing makes sense: we think so anyway.